The Kingfishers

cover1 (1)The politics of nuclear power – played out at the highest levels of the United States government – combined with an angry man’s search for redemption, make The Kingfishers a story as new as today’s headlines and as old as Eden.  Tommy Sawyer’s new job in Washington provides him with a first-hand view of the dangerous corruption among the bureaucrats and business people charged with producing the nation’s nuclear energy.  When he tries to expose it, the situation escalates – thousands of people are at risk of annihilation, and millions more suffer from the “fallout.”  Against this backdrop, Tommy encounters the woman who walked out on him twenty years earlier.  His struggle to come to terms with the rage that has consumed him ever since, and the possibility that they might reconcile, add an intensely personal note to a cautionary tale about “power” in our nation’s capital.


What others are saying

“Set against the lush, moneyed backdrop of upperclass Washington D.C., The Kingfishers is a quiet political thriller about the lengths people will go and the depths to which they will sink to protect their investments. Their investment, in this case, is nuclear power or more specifically, the multitude of ways nuclear power can be manipulated for profit, even as it leaves every person on the planet at risk of death and destruction . . . Alan Thompson’s characters artfully play out human dramas that are intimately familiar even as they are rendered insignificant in the face of the catastrophic power of the harnessed energy they wield so carelessly. Well-paced and engrossing, The Kingfishers is a thoughtful take on the darker side of clean energy”–Portland Book Review

“‘The Kingfishers’ . . . takes the theme of corruption among politicians and corporate executives in a way that could be ripped from tomorrow’s national headlines. A deftly written story . . . ‘The Kingfishers’ clearly documents Thompson as a gifted novelist and one [who] will leave his readers looking eagerly toward his next literary adventure.”–Midwest Book Review

“Holden Caulfield with a political science degree . . .  Grandson of a pilot aboard the Enola Gay, Tommy [Sawyer] — post-heartbreak, post-marriage, drowned in alcohol — views society with a melange of disdain, omniscience and gentle self-hating hubris, as if looking down upon the world from the Enola Gay’s nose; his polemics on everything from politics to academia to western medicinal mores and practices, delivered screw-faced with jejune fury, causes him to resemble Holden Caulfield with a political science degree . . .“The Kingfishers” great, big twist on the thriller genre; Tommy Sawyer is that somewhat rare figure in books such as these, the appealing Impotent Hero. Constantly a step behind and mostly powerless, he stumbles along the trail, like Victor Ward post-law and aged 30 years; while not the biting satirical incompetent of Ellis’ send up of the genre, Sawyer’s comparative uselessness, especially considering the normal, embarrassingly overloaded-with-accouterments thriller hero, is his most endearing quality; he tackles this continent-spanning conspiracy, death all around him, much as we all wish we could . . .” Myrtle Beach Sun News

“[V]ery well written . . . full of action and adventure. A very creative story.”–Goodreads Reviewer

“This is my third Alan Thompson book, and I have enjoyed them all. He has a great knack for being able to paint a picture with his words. I was impressed with his knowledge of architecture and nuclear energy, both play an important role in this story about the intrigue that happens within one of our country’s most important regulatory agencies. Alan gives us a nice blend of action, sex, and double dealing. It’s a great read for these cold winter days when you have to stay inside and hibernate. Tommy Sawyer is a an anti-hero, who uncovers a diabolical plot and and a surprise about a relationship from his college days. Nice job, Mr. Thompson. Keep ’em coming.”–Amazon Reviewer

“This book is a thrilling page-turner. It has a cast of interesting characters, a flawed, believable narrator/hero, and enough plot twists and turns to satisfy any fan of this genre.”–Goodreads Reviewer

“Mr. Thompson has done it again. Wonderful read with a thoughtful analysis of the nuclear power industry thrown in for good measure. A great book for those who like to be entertained and educated at the same time. Bravo!”–Amazon Reviewer

“Drawn in and captivated by the imagery that begins this story, the characters and suspense held me to the end. Woven through time and events-personal and historic-Thompson’s characters come to life. A great read. Alan Thompson has become one of my favorite suspense writers.”–Amazon Reviewer

“Thoroughly enjoyed reading The Kingfishers, a brilliantly crafted mix of intrigue, romance, and political espionage. Couldn’t put the book down, wanting to find out who done what to whom. Highly recommend this book by Mr. Thompson.”–Amazon Reviewer



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