Wolf Isle

The Wolf Isle Fellows, an elite group of scholars and thinkers, are delivered to a deserted island and tasked by their host – one of the world’s richest men – with finding solutions to mankind’s most intractable problems.  Their initial enthusiasm soon evaporates – the island is completely cut off from the outside world and the Fellows, deprived of their usual sources of inspiration, quickly descend into chaos.  At the same time, mysterious circumstances combine to prevent them from leaving the island and, when nature intervenes, the situation turns deadly.  Pitted against brutal men and a menacing locale, the Fellows are forced into a harrowing journey to save themselves.

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What Others Are Saying:

The best from Alan Thompson, May 17, 2019 –I’ve read all of Alan’s books. They’ve all been enjoyable, but I think this one is his best. A tense drama with interesting characters. Amazon Reviewer.

Engaging read, February 28, 2019–Imagine a group of people writing proposals about how to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. Now imagine them working in solitary cabins on a solitary island on Lake Superior. Make them rich and privileged and you have the premise of Alan Thompson’s Wolf Isle. Thompson creates plenty of intrigue: Were the survivors of a plane crash really devoured by wolves? Whose plane was it and who’s been breaking into some of the abandoned structures on the island? Why does the man who funded the project lie about when he arrived on the island? What was his motive for offering each “colonist” a million dollars to participate in the project? Is he as altruistic as he appears? Add the dynamics of nine people competing to come up with the best proposal and a nature gone out of control and you have all the makings of a page turner. As a final boost, add the wonderful descriptions of the flora, fauna, and geology of Wolf Isle. Alan Thompson’s best novel yet. Amazon Reviewer

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