Titan’s Brood and the New Hope Trilogy

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about a new manuscript I began at the first of the year. It goes in fits and starts, but the past few days have been unusually productive. The word count is almost 19,000, and the story lines are beginning to sort themselves out. I edit as I go along and, though it will change many times before the book is finished, I hope to have a preliminary “blurb” and maybe an excerpt available for “Works In Progress” in a couple of months.

The novel was originally entitled Titan’s Spawn, but I’ve changed it to Titan’s Brood. “Spawn” is a vivid word, but it suggests a gross sort of horror like the Alien movies or, to mention a film that gave me nightmares when I was a kid, Tarantula. There’s horror in Titan’s Brood, but it’s a bit more subtle.

I intend that Titan’s Brood be the second book in a series tentatively called The New Hope Trilogy. The first book, Gods and Lesser Men, will be released some time this spring. Both titles (and a third, if I live long enough) are set in the fictional town of New Hope, a stand-in for Chapel Hill, NC. The main characters are Harry Monmouth and his wife, Alex, both young lawyers in the first book who have aged considerably in the second. The themes are universal and the plots contemporary, and so far they’ve been a joy to write.

I’ve been struck again by the accuracy of the idea that you can’t write a novel unless you write the first sentence. Before beginning Titan’s Brood, and at times along the way, inspiration came very hard, but come it did. It’s not quite writing itself now, but “blank times” are much less frequent. My characters have almost taken over.

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