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The Order FINAL

Boomer Joy and Angst Over Seven Decades!  Amidst unprecedented chaos on campus – vandalism, rape, even murder – the Chancellor aims to destroy the Order, a mysterious secret society founded at the College 200 years earlier.  Harry Monmouth is enlisted to defend the “knights” and their secrets.  His efforts lead him into the past, to the beginning of the Order and events that cast light on the present-day turmoil.

The Order is the newest entry in the New Hope Canon, a series of novels depicting the lives of the Baby Boom generation in a small college town in the South.  New Hope, a stand-in for the author’s hometown of Chapel Hill, NC, provides the stage where its Boomer characters confront momentous issues, some imposed by the past, others of their own making.  Murder and mayhem, products of the ferment, wind among them.

The first book, A Hollow Cup, explores the racial turmoil of the 60s as seen through the eyes of teenagers – black and white – while at the same time recalling the everyday, bittersweet realities of growing up in that era.  In Gods and Lesser Men, a young couple struggles with the Sexual Revolution, unplanned pregnancy and the newly-minted option of abortion just as a relic of the enlightened past, eugenics, threatens to destroy them.  Lucifer’s Promise describes the quest for immortality and The Order delves into the one unshakable truth of the generations of Man:  Each one is undeniably the product of those that go before.171_aaaab



What Others Are Saying

“Unattainable ideals of past and present clash in this mystery, a tapestry of medieval lore, progressivism, and the lingering sins of slavery. All combine as attorney Harry Monmouth unravels a trail of murder and deception spanning centuries, forcing him to acknowledge the broad crevasse between perception and reality. The modern world cannot escape the threads binding it to the past as truth becomes a mercurial handle to grasp and readers are taken on a twisting, turning path to a startling end”—Caroline Giammanco, author of Guilty Hearts

The Order FINAL

“Readers of novels blending historical detail with legal and political insights will relish this saga of a quiet man called forth from virtual retirement to enter a lion’s den of community controversy . . . Harry [Monmouth] becomes immersed in matters that eventually lead to the courtroom and to a viper’s nest of dubious associations and assumptions. Social and political entanglements evolve that lead Harry on a chase through historical facts and present-day associations. As issues of betrayal, honor, and ownership emerge, Harry finds himself in the middle of a brewing controversy with no obvious solution. [The Order] moves beyond an individual’s life into the ramifications of social and political process and past injustices that will have readers on the edge of their seats” – Donovan’s Literary Services

“A gripping murder mystery that is deeply embedded in the sins of the past . . . never truly forgotten. Harry Monmouth pieces together intricate fragments of information connecting recent deaths with their root cause [in] the slave industry of the past. Entwined with this, we are confronted with similar issues . . . in modern day life in the college campus setting. The outcomes are truly riveting”–Beth Schluter – Author of The Hub, The Voyage and Retribution.

“In The Order, Alan Thompson returns to New Hope, the setting for A Hollow Cup. Where A Hollow Cup focuses on the tension surrounding desegregation, The Order skewers the excesses that engulf many contemporary universities as they address the very real issues of race relations, gender identity, and sexual violence. Reminiscent of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, the novel is intricately plotted around the history of a secret society called The Order. The society still holds meetings in The Castle, a building the university wants to take over so it can build a house for its new Chancellor. Alan Thompson is at the top of his game in a novel that brings to life the setting and the history of a Southern university town.” – Sharon Dean, author of Cemetery Wine

Great book, January 10, 2018.  Set in a college town like Chapel Hill and brings up many issues between town and gown that we see today. Book flows very well and makes you want to get to the next page. If you like books that make you think The Order is a great choice.–Amazon Reviewer

Five Stars September 23, 2017–Best book so far. Well written, suspenseful, predicts what happened.–Amazon Reviewer

Murder and intrigue is one of the best written in that genre August 28, 2017–Alan Thompson has done it again. From the mind of a proven author, his latest novel of mystery, murder and intrigue is one of the best written in that genre. . .In THE ORDER his main character, Harry Monmouth, a retired attorney living in the small college town of New Hope, is caught up in events much like we are seeing in the social cultures that have come to America. . .When murder comes into the picture Harry begins to seek answers from the one-hundred and fifty year past of a certain group within the community. This is a fascinating tale that will keep you guessing. You will not predict or determine the outcome until the final pages. Don’t miss this novel. – Amazon Reviewer

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  1. Claire Poole

    I have finally gotten started on “The Order”… far
    I don’t want to put it down. I need a sunny, cool
    day at Pawleys to do some serious reading and get
    my fill of the awesome new book!


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