The Onyx Unicorn

Unicorn cover                         

Royal Intrigue Aboard the World’s Finest Cruise Ship171_aaaab

 Hector St. Cyr has a new home: the largest, most lavish, stateroom on the Onyx Unicorn, a fabulous, state-of-the-art vessel that travels the world’s oceans and calls at its most exotic ports.  His maiden voyage aboard Unicorn – to glittering, old-world cities and towns on the Mediterranean Sea – is interrupted by unexplained death on board the ship.  The royal family of Monaco, led by its Hereditary Prince, is at the center of the mystery, and Heck seeks to discover the truth despite personal demons of his own.  The Onyx Unicorn, the first of the Unicorn Crime novels, is a classic detective story set amongst the rituals, romance and luxury of a great cruise ship.

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