The Black Owls, an Oxford Nightmare


The Black Owls

In The Black Owls, an ocean liner is destroyed and the ruins of an old church blown up, and other parts of England are menaced by unknown “terrorists.”  The University of Oxford is threatened with a bomb, and the Duke of Aylesbury – Tony Markham to his intimates – calls on Georges St. Cyr, formerly one of America’s most ruthless intelligence agents, for help.  The Muslim diaspora in London, higher-ups within the University itself, even the government, are suspected, and the two old friends have seven days to avert disaster.  It’s immediately apparent that the British government, despite acquiescing in St. Cyr’s investigation, is engaged in a cover-up.  Whitehall’s hand-picked Chancellor at Oxford, John Cromwell, comes under suspicion.  Other clues point to Ahmad Zhev, Chief of Pakistan’s notorious Directorate of Inter-Services Intelligence.  England is in turmoil, its most venerable institution threatened and, as time runs out, the future is in the hands of a single man.


What others are saying

“International intrigue, missing atomic bombs, cricket, beautiful women, fencing, incest, terrorists, a true American hero, and a travelers guide to Oxford University. What more could you ask for in this latest book from Alan Thompson? You’ll be treated to a well crafted story about friendship, love, deceit, and mistrust. Set primarily on the campus of Oxford University, Thompson tells the tale of Georges St. Cyr, ex-military attache’ with a talent for covert operations, who attempts to solve the mystery of his wife’s mysterious death that might have really been an attempt to end his own life. This is a page turner well worth the reading investment. You’ll also be treated to a detailed description of Oxford and the traditions that have survived for centuries. Great fun and a good read.”–Amazon Book Reviewer

“When the desire to trace the lines is finally dissolved, the moments of brilliance can be better enjoyed, including some fairly adroit sex scenes and Thompson’s gift for description . . . Besides this literary bent and the humanization of St. Cyr, Thompson takes one final wrench to the traditional thriller . . . indicative of The Black Owls itself; an appealing, somewhat brutal, definitely unusual twisting of a beloved old facade.”–The Myrtle Beach Sun-News  

“The Black Owls: An Oxford Nightmare, marks author Alan Thompson as a decidedly talented storyteller with an ability to hold his reader’s rapt attention with a thriller of a plot and all manner of unexpected twists and turns. A first rate and deftly written novel, The Black Owls: An Oxford Nightmare is highly recommended reading and a solid choice for community library fiction collections.”–Midwest Book Review

“Mr. Thompson’s newest effort will have you spellbound from the very first paragraph. The characters are well developed, and if not always likable, thoroughly entertaining. The detailed and historically accurate descriptions of the Oxford campus are much like taking an open top bus tour through the village and the various colleges. Set in the late 1970’s, the author captures the early days of fundamentalist Islamic terrorism — or is it? I won’t give it away, but the danger here is much more than just a terrorist threat, and if you like mysteries and thriller with a historical twist, you will enjoy this story. The ending is thoroughly unpredictable and unforeseeable — but shockingly perfect. I am looking forward to Mr. Thompson’s next book.”–Amazon Book Reviewer

“Almost too good! Crazy plot turns, intriguing characters, a surprise ending. This would make a super movie! James Bond, ‘Look out!”–Amazon Book Reviewer

“Wonderful mystery, interesting characters and a great setting. Mr. Thompson has a great way with words and syntax.”–Amazon Reviewer



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