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Lucifer’s Promise and Genre (Again)

The critique of the first draft of Lucifer’s Promise is finished, and the revisions have begun.  The primary criticisms are:  1) Too much exposition early in the novel, and 2) Willful ignorance of reality regarding one of the principal ideas.  I attribute the first problem, which has arisen to one degree or another when writing all my books, to my legal training.  Briefs and arguments in court always begin with a recitation of the facts before getting to the meat of the case.  A novel, on the other hand, requires that something important be revealed early on in order to engage the reader’s attention. Continue reading

Writers and Readers

“No two persons ever read the same book.”–Edmund Wilson

I’m continually surprised by what readers say about my novels.  When I’m writing a book, I balance many things in my head, but somewhere along the line–at 60 percent, maybe–I know what I’m trying to say and how I’m going to say it.  The final version is my best effort–after constant editing and months of revisions–to do just that.  And then, when I have the happy opportunity to talk to a reader or read a review, they never mention the idea I was trying to get across. Continue reading