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Nuclear Politics and The Kingfishers

The following is an unabashed, hopefully dignified, plug for my new book, The Kingfishers:

Today’s bitter politics ensures that many of the country’s problems go unaddressed.  Arguments about government, culture, the economy, all seem intractable, but none is more critical than the fierce debate over nuclear energy.  Issues surrounding climate change, fossil fuels and the inability to quickly bring alternative energy sources on line have given rise to calls for the enhanced use of nuclear power to meet our energy needs.  See, for example, http://content.usatoday.com/communities/greenhouse/post/2010/01/is-nuclear-power-the-future-obama-backs-gop-call-for-more-plants/1#.UrrckPRDs3R   My new novel, The Kingfishers, explores the politics of the nuclear option, and the human frailties of the people who produce nuclear energy.   Continue reading