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For the past couple of months I’ve been very busy with the publishing process for A Hollow Cup and finishing the first draft of The Onyx Unicorn.  The revised edition of A Hollow Cup is now available in print and ebook form in all the usual places.  An Amazon review was posted yesterday.  I want to share it with you because I think it captures what I was trying to say:

“When two men, one black and one white, open a cold case involving a race murder in a North Carolina university town, they confront the history of the Civil Rights movement and the fraught topic of desegregation as they experienced it when they were high school students in the early 1960s.  At the same time the murder is set, I was attending college in a state that is still one of the least diverse in the country.  I remember well the issues involving busing in Boston, but I had no direct experience with it.  The biggest challenge for my university was not to desegregate, but how to recruit more black students.  A Hollow Cup immersed me in the controversies as they were experienced by blacks and whites in a university so different from what I knew.  Reading it has deepened my understanding of the 1960s at the same time that it brought me into the present where the physical landscapes of university towns have enlarged and developed in ways that are not always attractive.  A word of warning:  the plot of A Hollow Cup is intricate and I found it helpful to keep a list of the different characters.  Alan Thompson pulls everything together in an ending that connects the past to the present and shows the relevance of every scene in the novel.  This is a compelling read that forces us to see the points of view of both blacks and whites at a time when race relations are all too often front page news.”–Amazon Book Reviewer

 The draft of The Onyx Unicorn is with my editor in New York.  Based on past experience, I look for publication sometime after the first of the year


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