Lucifer’s Promise


frontThere’s a lot going on in the once-sleepy village of New Hope.  The College has the top team in the country, and the intrigue surrounding its star quarterback forces Harry Monmouth from the self-imposed exile induced by the illness of his wife, Alex.  At a time when he’s desperately seeking to save her life, Harry is asked by the Chancellor of the College to quietly investigate certain rumors about Teddy Black’s life off the field.  Murder and “suicide”sideline Harry’s inquiry while pointing to something corrupt that must be confronted.  At the same time, the genetic revolution–a profound turning point in human history–is gathering steam.  One of the world’s top geneticists broods over options never dreamed of from his “temple” on the hill, and Harry finds himself unwittingly enmeshed in his extraordinary schemes.

Readers first met Harry and Alex Monmouth shortly before their wedding in Gods and Lesser Men.  It was a contentious time in New Hope then, and they were in the middle of the controversy.  In Lucifer’s Promise, there are new troubles in town, and Harry and Alex are challenged once again.


What Others Are Saying

“Readers will delight in being immersed on first-person terms with Harry Monmouth . . . author Alan Thompson’s protagonist in Lucifer’s Promise. Thompson draws his readers into a maze of cul-de-sacs and murky alleyways that accompany the darker horizons of genetic engineering. Not only must his well-introduced characters come to grips with how the science and social nuances of genetic engineering are impacting their lives and their futures, there are also never-before political and religious forces looming.
Harry, who has never quite outgrown his youthful idealism, comes face-to-face with self-imposed blackmail. A physician/geneticist, head of the College’s medical center, has been covertly experimenting on humans to relieve the ravages of Sickle Cell anemia in people of African heritage, and curtailing aging and reinstating well-being in the general population. As one of his subjects, he is successfully treating Harry’s wife, a sufferer of emaciating terminal cancer. Harry knows that if he exposes this enthusiast it will most certainly seal his wife’s fate.
And, what about the super-talented quarterback who has propelled the College’s football team to the top of the national rankings . . . ?  Four women’s recent deaths range between definitely murdered and apparent suicides. Coincidence? Only Harry is in a position to wonder. Were the two suicides staged to appear that way?  Very importantly, author Thompson’s descriptions of gene splicing and chromosomal additions are so skillfully clear and satisfyingly simple that any contemporary novice can easily absorb and enjoyably follow the details.”  ( ) –Amazon Reviewer

“Harry Monmouth, Thompson’s quasi-hero, is slowly drawn into a world of strange science and exotic promises while he attempts to determine why three young women had to die. Beset by his own desires, Harry is faced with choices that will affect not only him but his loved ones as well as his friends and acquaintances. One choice could lead to an unimaginable life, while the other could result in his own death . . .  Lucifer’s Promise: A gift from God or a bane from Satan, is a quest that leads Harry to an astounding conclusion. A totally captivating story that will hold the reader in thrall until the last mesmerizing word.”–Jonathan Penroc, author of the War of the Gods series

“One of the delights of Lucifer’s Promise is that it begins like a Big Bang of intrigue, opening with the singular challenge of a couple facing a possibly-fatal illness but rapidly expanding outward to embrace an equally deadly force that could affect mankind itself . . . And because [his wife’s] survival depends in part on genetic engineering, this fine line between good and evil is not a clear call for [the hero] to make.  This is one of the devices that gives Lucifer’s Promise such an intriguing twist: the protagonist/hero himself relies on the very thing that could save or destroy lives – and so there are no clear answers, no clear evils, and no singular path towards redemption . . . Lucifer’s Promise isn’t a mystery or detective story per se, though plenty of elements of the thriller genre are embedded in the plot and fans of genetic or medical mystery reads, in particular, will be delighted with the way this investigation goes . . . Fans of Robin Cook, Michael Crichton, and the like will thus find plenty to admire in Lucifer’s Promise, which successfully crosses genres. Adventure, mystery, and higher-level thinking: it doesn’t get better than this, for a reader who looks for more than mere entertainment.”–Diane Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer for Midwest Book Review

“Thompson’s new novel is equal parts legal thriller, medical ethics conundrum and old-fashioned murder mystery.  Decades after Harry and Alex Monmouth made their debuts in Thompson’s previous novel, Gods and Lesser Men, they’re once again caught up in controversy and conspiracy. Harry’s hometown of New Hope is in the midst of football fever as a new quarterback shatters records and promises great things for the college’s future.  But there are troubling rumors about the team’s academic performance, and the dean calls on Harry to investigate. At the same time, Alex is losing her battle with leukemia . . . But Harry soon meets Dr. Franklin Steiner and realizes there might just be a miracle in store for his wife. Meanwhile, when the people who’ve helped him with the football case start turning up dead, he realizes that New Hope conceals more mysteries than he’d bargained for . . .This is a story about compromise, as Harry explores thin lines between professional obligations to the college and Steiner and the moral realities of the college’s favoritism and Steiner’s methods. Fortunately, while Harry tries to understand how these people and cases are connected, the novel’s prose is startlingly detailed, allowing readers to understand the disparate realms of genetics and college athletics while also painting a vibrant picture of the town and college . . . A complex, thought-provoking story that defies genre conventions to remind us of difficult questions and tangled answers.”–Kirkus Reviews

“With a keen eye to detail, Alan Thompson has written not only a murder mystery, but also an exposé of disturbing trends in American society. Lucifer’s Promise takes us into the world of lawyer Harry Monmouth as he grapples with his alma mater’s exploitation of ill-prepared athletes, its unquestioning support of genetic research, and his own culpability. A smart, tightly-woven page turner.”  Sharon L. Dean author, Tour de Trace

 “In Lucifer’s Promise,” Author Alan Thompson exhibits the masterful art of the English language – be prepared. This story – exquisitely crafted, tells the story of the leading character’s wife teetering on her deathbed, complexities of DNA research, a professor who discovers the fountain of youth, the investigation of a corrupt college football program and an element of murder that makes the story an interesting page-burner. I was particularly impressed with the writer’s ability to sequence events taking place – allowing the reader to easily recall points that tied together the entire storyline. This novel is one rung below a masterpiece.” ( )–Amazon Reviewer

“I loved how Lucifer’s Promise weaves together academic politics, college athletics, and the slippery slope of genetic research. In this tightly woven murder mystery, Alan Thompson pits his protagonist, lawyer Harry Monmouth, against these disturbing trends in contemporary society. A great book that makes the reader think.” ( )–Amazon Reviewer

“Wow, I am still reeling!  ‘Lucifer’s Promise’ was nothing short of amazing. The book offered a powerful duo of provocative subject matter and masterful writing. The author took on the weighty task of interweaving medical ethics, controversial practices in college athletics and a thrilling murder mystery. The result was a seamless, gripping tale!  ‘Lucifer’s Promise’ boldly asserts itself as medical and legal thriller, speculative sci-fi and literary fiction without undershooting any plot points. This genre-bending book will lend itself to readers of every interest, and I can’t recommend it highly enough!”(  )–Goodreads Reviewer

“A mix of legal, medical, murder, drama, and thriller! It really kept the pages turning!!! It was very well written and captivated my interest.” ( )–Library Thing Reviewer

“I’ve been a big fan of Mr. Thompson for about three years now. Each and every book he has turned out has been interesting, entertaining and engaging. Lucifer’s Promise is, by far, his best. The story lines, the current events they deal with, his characters and the way all of these elements are masterfully woven together in a credible and immensely readable way — make for a hugely enjoyable read.”–Amazon Reviewer

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