Juvenal’s Lament: A Political Fable

Juvenal front cover (2)Politics can be fatal!  Tommy Sawyer, the man one critic hailed as “Holden Caulfield with a political science degree,” is back.  Elected to serve out the term of a dead Congressman, Tommy is chosen to oversee the impeachment of the Chief Justice of the United States.  Along the way, he encounters the entrenched greed and corruption in Washington that’s now undermining life in the rest of the country.  Murder, terrorism and unrestrained “politics” are the order of the day, and the United States teeters on civil war.  Only a single, charismatic man stands between the country and chaos.  Juvenal’s Lament, set in the very near future, is a cautionary tale about the misuse of power and the widening chasm between Washington and the public.171_aaaa

What others are saying:

“Alan Thompson has done it again in this intricately plotted novel of power and corruption in what passes for American politics today . . . Whether on the right, the left, or the middle of the political spectrum, everyone appalled by the current impasse in our political system will find something to identify with in Juvenal’s Lament. It won’t be hard to finish this page-turner to see if it finds any hope for American democracy.”—Sharon Dean, author of Death of the Keynote Speaker

“Juvenal’s Lament: A Political Fable anticipates a prior affection for political settings and processes from its readers; and those holding such an affinity will find it replete with a fine blend of intrigue and insights . . .  As terrorism, political manipulation and disconnects between public interests and political processes comes to a boil, Juvenal’s Lament becomes a heady rush into disaster tempered only by Tommy Sawyer’s ability to resist established procedures while lending a different voice to this world.  It’s difficult to neatly peg this story. At times it’s a murder mystery, at times an investigation into political process, and at other moments, a probe of life-changing events . . . It neatly juxtaposes the personal ambitions and life of Tommy Sawyer with a crescendo of legal and political events that could lead to either all-out disaster or new beginnings; all resting firmly on the pros and cons of democratic political processes and how power is ultimately acquired and wielded.”–D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Juvenal’s Lament is a riveting story that takes the reader into the bowels of Washington, DC, with all of the shady deals and sinister secrets. It is a fast-paced story with detailed descriptions that will make you feel you are right in there with the politicians as they make their backroom deals and double-crosses.”–MJ Maccalupo, author of the “Hap Pozner Series”.

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