Juvenal and the Nun II

The Nun’s Dowry is now with the publisher.  I’ll get galleys back in a week or so, and a proof copy of the book after that.  It should be available to the public within the month.  It’s been a true labor of love (for 6 years), and I hope it is well-received.  Dowry front cover

I’m within days of a first draft of Juvenal’s Lament: A Political Fable.  Political fiction today, what there is of it, tends to be sensational, i.e., powerful people behaving very, very badly. and not necessarily in the political arena.  Politics per se is just the framework for the story, like business or religion or Hollywood.  There’s fine fiction about politics–The Last Hurrah, Allen Drury’s books like Advise and Consent and A Shade of Difference, and my favorite novel of all time, Robert Penn Warren’s All The King’s Men–that has widespread appeal, but little of recent vintage.

I’m not sure why that’s so.  The huge success of a television program like House of Cards tells me there’s still great interest in stories about the machinations of politicians in their own milieu.  In any event, that’s what Juvenal is about.  Its characters are our most august politicians–the President, the Speaker of the House, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court–and the setting is, of course, Washington, D.C.  There are a few deaths that go unexplained until the end, but politics, its glory and corruption, is front and center.

This is our first pass at a cover:cover


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