Current Works

Final revisions to Juvenal’s Lament: A Political Fable are now underway.  I expect it to be available at all the usual places by April 15 (a significant day of the year for the political class cavorting about in Juvenal). Juvenal front cover (2) 

At the same time, work on the second edition of my first book, A Hollow Cup, is ongoing.  The primary task is to cut words and pages in order to make it more reader-friendly.  So far, entire scenes and chapters have been excised–my goal is to cut 15,000 words, approximately 60 manuscript pages.  I’m also changing the title and cover. The new title is The Ornament Ground, which I believe better conveys the overarching idea of the book.  Here’s the current cover: cover 2

Finally, I’m 5,000 words into a new book now entitled Death in Monte Carlo.  The hero, Hector St. Cyr, is the nephew of one of my favorite protagonists, George Fitzpatrick St. Cyr (see The Black Owls).  Uncle Fitz has died mysteriously off the coast of Monaco, and left Heck a unique legacy he uses to explore the mystery and enliven his otherwise dull existence.

Look for Juvenal’s Lament and The Ornament Ground soon!

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