Current Works (II)

I’ve neglected this blog for the past month, but I haven’t been idle.  I’m now well into what used to be called Death In Monte Carlo.  It’s now entitled The Onyx Unicorn.  That’s the name of the very spiffy cruise ship where most of the action takes place.

It’s my intention that this book, perhaps followed by others with the same characters and setting, be somewhat lighter than my other novels.  It will still have ideas, but their scale will be a little less intense.

And–Juvenal’s Lament: A Political Fable is almost ready.  I received the first “proof” copy today, and it should be available at the usual locations within the next couple of weeks.  I began work on it in December, 2014.  I think it accurately predicts the current state of our nation’s politics, but I’ll leave it up to my readers to decide.

Leafing through the proof of Juvenal, I’m reminded again of all the little decisions that go into publishing a book.  For example, we’re using a matte finish for the cover for the first time, and the headers and chapter headings are different, too.  What’s in the book is the most important thing, but how it’s presented is crucial, too.

I hope you’ll give Juvenal a try.  I had a lot of fun writing it.

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