Gods and Lesser Men

gods frontHarry Monmouth’s in trouble–big trouble. He’s a nice young man whom no one – including Harry – takes very seriously. When his girlfriend, Alexis Bradford, announces his impending fatherhood, his marriage proposal is met with a lukewarm response, and the baby’s future is in doubt. In his effort to win Alex over, he opens a door to the past that threatens to destroy him. He discovers the systematic misery imposed on New Hope’s less fortunate citizens, and uncovers larceny of monumental proportions. At the same time, a botched abortion leads to trumped-up murder charges that divide his little college town. Indifferent before, his personal circumstances compel him to join the fray, a decision with far-reaching consequences.
Gods and Lesser Men tells the tale of a man’s journey from carefree days to extraordinary burdens. The things that have sustained him – family and place – are problematic. Painful truths are told. The sins of the father–and the mother– are visited upon the child, and Harry’s struggle to overcome them is a story as old as humanity.


What others are saying

“A young lawyer confronts eugenics in his family and his own questionable heritage–not to mention murder and thievery–in this legal thriller that shakes a family tree to its roots . . .  [C]haracters and their motivations are expertly and appropriately wed to a seamless plot where nothing is out of place. In particular, the theme of eugenics is incorporated well into the plot on many levels. [The protagonist] matures from wealthy, irresponsible postgrad to a man owning his past, determined to prove he’s the apple that fell far from the tree . . .”–Kirkus Reviews

“Gods and Lesser Men,” by Alan Thompson, is as deftly written and entertaining as it is original and thought-provoking.  A riveting read from beginning to end, “Gods and Lesser Men” is highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library general fiction collections.”–Midwest Book Review

“Alan Thompson does a really good job of painting a picture of 1960’s culture. It certainly took me back to a time and place that has thankfully evolved. His characters are developed well, I wanted to keep reading (and sometimes I don’t these days) and I cared about the outcome. Kudo’s to Alan for entertaining me. I read this book while sitting on a beach in NC remembering what it was like to live in that era. Thank you Alan Thompson!”–Goodreads Reviewer

“Great book!”–Amazon Revoewer

“After reading Gods and Lesser Men . . . I will be reading more books by Alan Thompson!!  He has a very easy, confident writing style and draws you in with his gift of storytelling.  I really wish Goodreads would give a reviewer the option to give ratings in increments of 0.5.  I would give this book a 4.5.”–Goodreads Reviewer

“Alan Thompson has done it again.  He has blended a story about a dysfunctional family with a critical portrayal of a highly controversial concept:  forced sterilization . . . Gods and Lesser Men is a great read.  Lots of characters to love and hate.”–Amazon Reviewer

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